X-Ventures Beta


X-Ventures Beta is an investment fund with equity of HUF 4,3 billion and a fixed term of 10 years. It was launched in the framework of the Joint Resources Sub-program of the New Hungary Venture Capital Programs (JEREMIE 2).

The program’s partner organization is the Hungarian Development Bank Private Limited Company (MFB).

Investment Strategy

Our Capital Funds invest in small- and medium-size companies which demonstrate outstanding growth potential stemming from a sound business model, a unique product or service (preferably with international potential), and a committed management team.

The Fund has no exclusive sectoral focus: our aim is to invest in companies with significant growth potential. In addition to companies which operate in sectors such as information technology, biotechnology and services, which are frequently targeted fields of venture capital investments, we are also happy to look at companies in other sectors, such as health care, hotel industry, logistics, electronics, and machinery.

It is important to note that real estate development for the purpose of sale, financial services, ship building, and mining cannot be financed within the framework of the JEREMIE Program.

The objective of the fund is to acquire ownership in companies at an early phase of development. It also seeks share ownership in companies in the growth phase, which have revenues ranging from several million HUF to 1-2 billion HUF.

Thus, we seek companies which have progressed beyond an idea, which have a working product prototype and existing clients, and whose founding concept has proved to be feasible and valuable.

In addition, the fund is looking for companies which are currently self-financing, but whose growth potential is such that they require capital exceeding their capacity.